You thought you knew Solitaire. You thought you'd mastered all the versions there were, and now you consider yourself a Solitaire master. Prepare to meet your match! Pyramid Solitaire is a unique take on the classic game where players must eliminate all cards from the playing field by creating matches that equal 13. Players have just two and a half minutes to do this.

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Title: Pyramid Solitaire
Developer: Arkadium
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Card, Solitaire
Platforms: Browser


As the name implies, the cards are laid out in a pyramid scheme. Each card will count as the number of points listed on it, with the exception of the Jack, Queen and King (which are counted as 11, 12 and 13 points). Different combinations must be made when moving cards to create a total of 13. Since the King counts as 13 by itself, it's the only card that doesn't need to be matched with any others in order to remove it from play.

Some of the deck remains in the stock pile, and cards can be matched from there. A few helpful online guides have suggested that matching a pyramid card to a stock pile card, rather than matching two pyramid cards, is the better option and gives the player a better chance at winning the game. Whatever strategy you choose, Pyramid Solitaire is much harder than the original version. Some deals take your chances of winning away because the layout makes it impossible to match necessary cards.

You must work your way up the pyramid to eliminate the final card, as well as using up all cards in the stock pile. Cards that are covered by their match cannot be removed from the playing field. Only cards that are completely exposed can be moved and matched. As with the original Solitaire and its variations, players receive scores for how well they did and how fast they removed all the cards from the playing field.


Pyramid Solitaire certainly is challenging. Your chances of winning decrease dramatically when switching from the original Solitaire to this one, but the original offers little challenge to those who are experienced. Pyramid Solitaire is a breath of fresh air in the world of card games. The added timer of two and a half minutes makes it extra challenging, and players not only have to beat the clock, but they also have to keep their cool and use strategy while maintaining a fast pace. This can make the game incredibly frustrating for some players. However, once you get the hang of how the game works, it's a great brain teaser that will keep you coming back to see if you can beat your high score.